Sets Non Stop

set design and construction for film, television, theater, exhibitions and events
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  • Set Design and Construction

    Sets non Stop - Set Design and Construction
    • Complete design service, 3D presentation and working drawings
    • Construction of Sets, Structures, Sculptures and Stands
    • Coordination and production planning of simultaneous sites by central office
  • Location Set Construction

    Sets non Stop - Location Set Construction
    • Location preparation, transport of pre-manufactured sets, large scale construction on location, set-up of site offices and workshops, sourcing and training of local crew, sourcing and procurement of local materials and resources in all locations within Southern Africa
  • Studio Set Construction

    Sets non Stop - Studio Set Construction
    • Manufacture of sets in our workshop or construction on site
    • Erection of pre-built sets in studios, experienced standby crew
    • Studio preparation, infinity curves, draping and star curtains
  • Hardwearing Sets for Theatre and Television

    Sets non Stop - Hardwearing Sets for Theatre and Television
    • Construction of floating sets, swing sets, fly-bar panels and proscenium arches for theatre stage productions, raked seating and orchestra podiums, band rostra and staging
    • Construction of television-specific sets both fixed and on wheels, engineered for years of service
  • Exhibition Stands, Installations and Activations

    Sets non Stop - Exhibition Stands, Installations and Activations
    • Design and Construction of custom indoor and outdoor exhibition stands, mobile autonomous display units and trailers
    • Special installations and structural elements
    • Manufacture of activation sets and pops
  • Events Construction and Venue Preparation

    Sets non Stop - Events Construction and Venue Preparation
    • Set Construction for events, launches, openings, corporate events and industrial theatre
    • Site logistics and coordination for multi-venue events from central production office
  • Special Effects Rigs

    Sets non Stop - Special Effects Rigs
    • Rigs for tracking, tilting, rotating and lifting of set elements
    • Break-away sets, deconstructing elements and morphs
    • Earth, wind and water rigs
  • Painted Finishes and Backdrops

    Sets non Stop - Painted Finishes and Backdrops
    • All paint techniques and surface reconstruction
    • Painterly and spray-painted backdrops and cycloramas
    • Printed camera-friendly fabric and paper backgrounds
  • Sculpture

    Sets non Stop - Sculpture
    • 3-dimensional manufacturing of any form in a range of materials
    • Carving, moulding, casting, duplications and reconstructions
  • International Facilitation

    Sets non Stop - International Facilitation
    • Call us for local solutions with global professionalism